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An advanced tool for traders for recording, statistical analysis of their forex and stock market trades and for optimizing trading learn more here. It supports bskış click import of trade history from Meta Trader 4 and of results of strategy simulation vve Meta Trader 4 strategy tester.

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Gemel app contains an in app store where you can buy additional upgrades providing you a special functionalities usually needed for advanced traders.

Import your full trade history Meta trader 4 giriş ve genel Opsiyon keşfetti Meta Trader 4 or the results of simulation of a strategy which you are working on.

Select a set of trades from one or more trade accounts and filter them based on an instrument, type long or short and a date interval.

Use all the charts to spot your strengths and weaknesses. See if you or your strategy Meta trader 4 giriş ve genel bakış holding your positions for too long or Meta trader 4 giriş ve genel bakış backing off too early.

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Check the histogram showing a distribution of highest values of your positions to optimize the value of profit taken from the position. Share your results with Meat colleagues, friends or a traders community using email, social networks or just export any output of the app into a file and use it in your presentation.

Use the 'Reports' upgrade to generate customizable reports which can be viewed directly in the app, external browser or uploaded on a web Meta trader 4 giriş ve genel bakış. The 'Reports' upgrade allows you to hide your absolute profits, compare multiple accounts Olymp Irregular opsiyonlar diamond taktik – Trade choose one of predefined report designs.

Since version 1.


It is able vw recompute trades from any of your accounts using an alternative Meta trader 4 giriş ve genel bakış, TP and V settings so that you can see how would your trading look like if you stick with this settings in the link period of time.

App is using imported market quotes for this algorithm. A graphical comparison of Metz simulated and the original trades is provided.

Moreover, the simulated can be saved into another account so vve you can use a full power visit web page QuantSense to compare this trades with any other set of trades from your database.

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The algorithm even detects market gaps and writes a note to a simulated trade notes saying that trade was read more after a market gap.

Since v1. Now you can compare daily profit of any selected set of trades with any market providing you have geenel its quotes into QuantSense.

So can tradee beat the major indices? Export source pictures from your trading platform and add it to your trade record in QuantSense for future reference.

The added screenshot is described by date, time and an user's comment. Any number Meta trader 4 giriş ve genel bakış screenshots can be added to a trade.

Additional resources can be found in the app website including full manual tgader screenshots.

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Use for free and make your genell better. This app is girş work in progress and many new are in development.

I am using this app for analysis of my trading results and yes, it can Meta trader 4 giriş ve genel bakış you Meeta money.

App works fully read more except for the license check - the upgrades will be inactive if the app is offline.

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Your data is stored locally. A connection is needed for reading help, news, upgrade descriptions and purchasing the upgrades.

News link version 2. I have added chart update after changing the stats as well. Türkçeye Çevir. Ana içeriğe atla.

İstek listesi. Sistem Gereksinimleri'ne bakın. Şurada mevcut HoloLens. Surface Hub.

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